A Third Universe


Three Sides of the Universe...

"Three days for three travelers to complete their task. Always three."

                                                                Prince Lucan Lergis the First

                                                                                from A3U:L

     The rule of Three is no stranger to A Third Universe. It is law. It is with this in mind that the stories told within A Third Universe fall into three areas: The Absurdity, The Equilibrium and The Violence.

The Absurdity

     The Absurdity is the area where anything is possible and most of it is insane. From flying Space Llamas to a sentient Tractor and Giant Battle Chickens, the weirder side of A3U exists here. 

The Equilibrium

     The Equilibrium is the Middle Ground where the stories are more towards the normal side of things. Humor still exists, but the stories are here with the bigger picture in mind.

The Violence

     The Violence is where A3U meets reality. War is common for any society and A3U is no exception. The stories in this area are darker and often brutal. Here will be home to the Special Operations teams and the bloody assaults that come with protecting a universe.