This Alien

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Who am I?

      My name is Joseph P.S. Inzirillo III.  
      I go by my full name so I don't get confused with my father, Joseph Inzirillo.  My father is a published horror author and is a pretty fantastic writer if I do say so myself.  (Go read The Meeting. Like right now...)
      I am originally from Brooklyn, NY.  I moved to Florida when I was 16.  I joined the Army when I was 20.  15 years and 4 combat tours later, I was medically retired.  After that, I moved to Washington State, where I currently live.  


I wanted to be a Writer...

      I read a lot.  I am also a huge Science Fiction nerd.  So...   Back in the 1980's, my sister, Sherry, introduced me to Dragonlance.  Margaret Weis & Tracey Hickman's world of Krynn has always inspired me. I started writing in middle school. Random weird stories. When I got older, I thought I wanted to write speculative and edgy fiction like Chuck Palahniuk.  I tried.  It was ok.  Something was missing.  So then I attempted a Post-Apocalyptic world.  That went well until it didn't.  Then I remembered something...


What I remembered...

     I love Sci-Fi and Fantasy.  I also love Douglas Adams, Kurt Vonnegut and Sir Terry Pratchett. The big thing that ties all three of them together is humor.  So I started writing Sci-Fi.  Then I added some horror and some fantasy.  And then I made it funny.
     So here I am.  Creating a universe filled with anxiety, humor, terror, space stuff and sarcasm.  It's huge and all connected.  We will see where it goes from here...