A Third Universe

Science Fiction stories from the twisted 

mind of Joseph P.S. Inzirillo III

What is A Third Universe?

A Third Universe is...

A collection of stories that take place in the Third Version of our Universe. Scientists have said that it is possible that the universe has done the expanding and contracting bit before and has probably been doing so infinitely. 

But, what if it wasn't infinite? 

What if it occurred twice before and only twice?  

What if we are on the third version because some old, evil Gods destroyed the first two?

That is what A Third Universe is.

Meet new and exotic characters!

Yippy, the Fire Safety Llama

From Heroes to Fire Safety Llamas to Ai Tractors turned Psychics, A3U has it all!

Read insane tales!

Hengis Khan aka Clucky

Battle Chickens, space exploration, rogue Gods and more...


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